The Pascal Graphical Environment


Uploaded the files again. Forgot to build the binary release :-I

Majour update of CDS :) go check it out !!

Unfortunatly I see no progress with FreePascal. Their units page is a plethora of dead links and I have not recived much of a response as far as my bug report goes... I will not be able to convert PGE to FreePascal if they are not going to maintain it, i need propper mouse and image loading support. I will look at GraphiX, but it is looking very bleek. Inspite of that i have redesigned PGE to make it easy for me to "jump ship" when all is ready, all that will need changing to switch to a new graphics library is the mouse and video interfaces. I'm also looking at TMT Pascal Lite.



Life is realy busy, but lucky for you people I have been forced to work on PGE and my project (CDS) because it is due in 2 weeks time. I have had to streamline some parts of PGE to cut down on variable usage.

I intended to update the page more regulary but I have been to busy to do so.

I have noticed several people emailing me cause it was not clear in the documents how to use PGE correctly, I have changed the readme.txt file in the PGE package and I hope that it is more clear on how to use PGE. If anyone has any problems please feel free to email me (my email address can be found on the info page)

No news on the FreePascal side of things as it does not work with Windows XP correctly, and that makes life VERY hard for me, so untill that is fixed i will just carry on developing PGE like it is.

I have updated PGE and uploaded my practicaly compleated project. I hope you enjoy it!



The new site is looking good so far, and I realy like this SourceForge hosting! Mabe that will encourage me to work on PGE more :) . I have uploaded a new version of PGE. I have had to fix some realy anoying bugs for my CDS project, now the TEdit control has a much better editing ability. Im gona add some kind of TMemo support, but its pretty hard and i dont have much time on my hands at the moment. The daunting PChar (that is highly un portable) is looking like an attractive option. BUT i have found that there is very little way for me to port the VESA lib to FreePascal. Which poses some great stress to me cause it will be anoying to have to modify the same lib for FreePascal.. So what i will do is find a PCX lib ect. for FreePascal and then write interfaces to the various libs (like what is done with the mouse support) . You can expect something in the next month or so! Turbo Pascal is realy anoying in some aspects, and I need to get out of the habit of using it. If I am successfull, then PGE will become more accessible to everyone and i think FreePascal is MUCH faster too!



As I am sure you are aware we have been having serious problems with our webhosting and this is the third move so far. I appologise for this, but as I am sure you can see, we are now beeing hosted but and I hope that all goes well in the future and the past will not be repeated.

I have added my project that I will be submiting in a few months time, it uses the PGE to create a realy nifty database to store ones contacts. I expect at least an A for it.