PGE is a form of graphical Pascal. It is very easy to use and it is vary modular so that controls can be added very easily. A control can be a seperate file or added into the main library. The code is ment to be as straight forward as possible, but some things are a little abstract. PGE compiles under Turbo Pascal 7

I desided to build PGE because I wanted to make a GUI. After that it became more of a science project, and instead of making programs I worked on the actual GUI. I started adding features, fixing bugs and making little tweeks that seemed dramaticly improved performance of some parts. My goal is to make PGE a fast, reliable and flexible tool for people to use in making programs for DOS.

PGE curently has the folowing features
-Support for PCX images and the built in CIF format
-Support for VESA modes in 256 colors up to 1600x1200
-Buttons with PCX's Stuck on them
-Normal buttons
-Check Boxes
-Text list boxes ******* SUSPENDED DUE TO PROBLEMS ********
-Edit boxes
-Progress bars (Horizontal and vertical)
-Horizontal and vertical Scroll Bars
-Windows with shaded title bars.
-Rounded 3d bevels (for buttons, check boxes, progress bars, ect)
-Standard 3d bevels
-Fast filled rectangles
-Mouse functions with any PCX cursor (Size doesnt matter). And switching of cursors is posible any time.
-Text lables on windows
-Pop-up menu's
-Drop down menus (like in windows)
-Digital Clock

Known Problems:
PGE tends to use up alot of variable space, for this reason most controls are changing to the PChar format. This unfortunatly creates problems with conversion to and from the standard variable format.
Most problems encounterd in PGE seem to be related to bugs and limitations in Turbo Pascal.

If you think something is incorect or have a problem with PGE then please email me